Land Manager/Personal Assistant Needed to assist in new bi-weekly land event @ Toxic Shock. The event “Perfect Wardrobe” will be held bi-weekly on the Toxic Shock Land sim. The event will hold many designers and bring in fashionistas from throughout the grid. The person whom acquires this position will be asked the following:

1) Assist with marketing of Perfect Wardrobe

2) Assist with all designer applications

3) Be available either 7-10am slt or 6-10pm slt (mostly when Lapik and Whisper are online)

4) Be willing to communicate via Skype and/or other messengers to discuss topics while either Lapik or Whisper are offline.

5) Will coordinate and remind Whisper and Lapik of any upcoming events (we’re forgetful and we need help ) that their store(s) may have.

6) Send daily and/or weekly updates to fashion groups

7) Communicate with store(s) hunts (Delusions and Sorry.Asia) and the hunts acting manager

Organizational Skills a MUST!

Basically you will work closely with Lapik and Whisper when needed – the Perfect Wardrobe event is bi-weekly thus eliminating the thought you will have to work nonstop. However, the Personal Assistant – usually requires a few hours during the week to shoot Lapik and Whisper a reminder of an upcoming event.

We would hope the person applying for this position be in the Fashion Industry i.e. blogger, designer, etc. Someone who is capable of marketing event(s) within the sim. Prior event knowledge A+, but not necessarily required.

Perks: Monthly Salary + free Goodies = oh my gaw! xD

Please send your applications to Whisper Mizin or Lapik Perlman and include the following:

A) Name

B) Avatar Rezz Date

C) Blog url (if applicable)

D) Prior experience

E) Anything else u want to add to persuade our decision


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